November 14, 2019

Lahey Hospital Partners with BOH/BVRC for “Matter of Balance” Training

BVRC volunteers and the Burlington Board of Health Public Health Nurse attended an eight hour training session at Lahey Hospital to be trained as coaches for Lahey’s “Matter of Balance” Program.  After training, BVRC volunteers held a “Matter of Balance” class to teach participants how to reduce risk of falling. The class consisted of two-hour sessions each week for eight weeks (participants were encouraged to attend all eight sessions). Each session was led by two BVRC trained volunteers and contained a different topic for active discussion among participants on their fall related concerns, fears, risk factors and behaviors. The program provided guest speakers, videos that were watched and then discussed in class, as well as handouts and other resources on how to remove potential hazards within the home and work place. These tips could help participants change their environment to reduce slips and falls. Each participant received their own workbook which included information that was covered in each class. Weekly goals were set and each session consisted of low impact balance and strengthening exercises based on participant’s abilities.

Falls account for the third-highest total of unintentional deaths every year in the U.S.  More than 1 in 4 older adults fall every year. A fall can cause serious injury and most occur during everyday activities. Just some simple lifestyle changes and modifications can make a difference.  The Matter of Balance Program can help one achieve practical and personal solutions to help reduce your fear of falling by replacing this fear with more constructive, confidence building concepts.  Another session may be held in Spring 2020.

BVRC volunteer Carolyn Abruzzo, RN, (in red shirt) leads one of the Matter of Balance training exercises


BVRC volunteer Urvi Agarwalla, RN (far right) assisting with training


BVRC volunteer Pooja Singla (with coach Urvi Agarwalla) received her certificate for completing the training


“Matter of Balance” class participants with coaches Carolyn Abruzzo (far left) and Urvi Agarwalla (far right)