About Region 4AB

Building and Sustaining Resilient Communities

The Massachusetts Public Health Emergency Preparedness Region 4AB is one of 5 Public Health regions within Massachusetts and is comprised of 60 cities and towns throughout the Boston Metro area. The Region 4AB Coalition agrees to work collaboratively to meet the goals associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness initiatives as well as other regional and local public health efforts.

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Region 4AB PHEP was formed to promote public health and safety across the region in three key areas:

Public Health Emergencies

Events that threaten public health, such as a disease outbreak or toxic chemical release.

Mass Casualty Incidents

Disasters that cause injury or threats to large numbers of people. These can include a building collapse, fire, storm, flood, or other event that displaces groups of residents that must be moved to emergency shelters.

Community Service Activities

Opportunities to foster the well-being of local residents; such as health fairs, blood pressure clinics, or training programs.

The Executive Board

Meet the Leadership

The Region 4AB Executive Committee is Co-Chaired by Tim McDonald, the Health Director for the town of Needham, and Nancy Porter, the Director of Equity, Resilience, and Preparedness for the City of Cambridge.

Tim McDonald, Health Director, Town of Needham

4AB Executive Committee, Co-Chair

Natasha Waden, Public Health Director, Town of Arlington

4AB Executive Committee

Joanne Belanger, Director, Lexington Board of Health

4AB Executive Committee

Kelly Pawluczonek, Director, Weston Board of Health

4AB Executive Committee

Nancy Porter, Director of Equity, Resilience, and Preparedness, City of Cambridge

4AB Executive Committee, Co-Chair

Melissa Ranieri, Public Health Director, Town of Walpole

4AB Executive Committee

Vivian Zeng, Public Health Director, Town of Sudbury

4AB Executive Committee