May 18, 2021


MEMRC utilizes the MRC Train system for online training courses. You can find links to all required trainings on our New Volunteer Training Program. The Metro East MRC New Volunteer Training Program includes the following courses:

You will need to create an MRC TRAIN account and link your profile to the Metro East MRC to get started with training opportunities. The following guidance document will walk you through creating your account: Create a TRAIN Profile. These additional guidance documents can help you Enroll in a TRAIN Course and Register for a Training Plan. MRC TRAIN also provides video tutorials at

Please note you will need to register for a FEMA SID (Student ID Number) in order to complete IS-100 and IS-700. If you believe you have already created a FEMA SID, you may look up your number at the following link: If you have never registered for a FEMA SID you can do so at this link: