Board of Health Elected Members

(back row l-r):  Gayle DaMore; Andrea Sheehan; Maribeth Welch; (front row l-r): David McSweeney, Vice Chair; Ed Weiner, Ph.D, Chair

The mission of the Burlington Board of Health is to protect, promote, and prepare for all public health issues or potential crises that occur within the community. The Board of Health enforces state-mandated and local public health regulations, conducts inspections as mandated, issues town permits, investigates community-based complaints or concerns, and supports the goals of public health by providing education and community programs.

Susan Lumenello, REHS/RS, CHMM, Director of Public Health
& BVRC Unit Leader

The mission of the Burlington Board of Health is to protect and promote the public health, to protect the natural environment, to respond to public health emergencies and to serve the citizens of the Town of Burlington. The Board of Health initiates, provides and enforces federal, state mandated and non-mandated programs, including inspections, direct services to individuals and groups, investigation of complaints, the issuance of permits and the provision of public health education.

BVRC Executive Committee

Shown left to right: Eric Dewar, Vice Chairman, Jean Perry, Sandra Voltero, Chairman, Carolyn Abruzzo, Margaret Henderson (missing from photo is Mary DeChiara)

The BVRC Executive Committee is a five member elected board.  The committee consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, two Members at Large, and one alternate.  The Executive Committee oversees various committees such as the Public Health Education & Outreach Committee, the Volunteer Training Committee, the Special Events Committee, and the Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Committee.  In addition, the Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Unit Leader on trainings, projects, the budget, and special events.