Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)? 

The Medical Reserve Corps is a national network of local groups of volunteers that engage local communities to strengthen public health, reduce vulnerability, build resilience, and improve preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.


Who Should Join?

ANYONE can volunteer! Whether you are a medical or non-medical volunteer, and regardless of your prior experience – the MRC needs you!

Public Health Professionals

Epidemiologists • Health Educators • Public Health Nurses • Other Public Health Officials

Practicing, Retired or Otherwise Employed Health Professionals and Students

Physicians • Nurses • Pharmacists • Dentists • Nursing Assistants • Veterinarians • Respiratory Therapists

Others Who are Interested in Assisting their Community

Including social workers, interpreters, chaplains, and those who can provide support and administrative assistance


What Might MRC Volunteers Do?

MRC Volunteers may be called upon to assist with: Natural Disasters (hurricanes, winter storms), Terrorism, Bioterrorism or Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Metro East MRC Volunteers may be asked to:
  • Apply medical care (within your level of expertise)
  • Dispense medication
  • Provide language and interpretation services
  • Offer administrative support
  • Greet residents
  • Support flu clinics
  • Assist with community health education
  • Provide help at health fairs


What Can You Expect from the MRC?

  • Free training and educational opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with other community members and professionals
  • Valuable experience in public health awareness
  • The ability to serve your community in a time of need

* MRC volunteers will receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion of certain training courses


How much of a time commitment is the MRC?

There is no minimum time commitment to maintain status within our unit. Some volunteers assist with one activation/shift a year, while others volunteer their services whenever a request is sent out. It is up to each volunteer to assess the activation request details and decide if they would like to respond. Volunteers are never pressured into accepting an assignment!

The Region 4A MRCs are organized regional, all communities. Some of our members choose to only volunteer within their home community, others choose to travel throughout the region.